Frisia-Offshore is a 100% subsidiary of AG Reederei Norden-Frisia.

This company’s core business is supplying the islands of Norderney and Juist all-season for 140 years. The label always stands for a powerful feeder with highest comfort and safety requirements in ferry services.

With founding Frisia-Offshore the guidelines in occupational health and safety as well as in environmental protection were adopted and expanded to the offshore needs. Today a team of experts supports Frisia-Offshore in security matters on board the vessels both from crew and customers. Frisia Offshore daily strives to achieve the highest level of safety. For a continuous HSEQ-policy progress an integrated management system is implemented. It corresponds to standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 and the ISM code. Safety management is discussed seperately and contains

-  regular safety walkabouts on board the fleet

-  non-accident-policy

-  severe treatment of near-misses

-  30 days deadline to remedy near-misses

-  regular trainings for crew

-  regular trainings on board the fleet

-  zero-tolerance policy relating to alcohol and drugs on board

The adoption and implementation of a quality management system will help us with the compliance of customer requirements and the optimization of the company process.

Environment protection has become a standard feature within the service process.
We promote environmental awareness among our staff at all levels. They are required to deal efficiently with the resources and to comply with the specifications formulated in the integrated management system.

Environmental impact within our service delivery is to be reduced, we strive for a considerate handling of resources. We focus on environmentally friendly transport through the use of modern technology in the fleet, reduction of energy consumption and optimised waste separation.
We instruct our employees in the fundamentals of environmental matters so that they act both in a creative and ecologically responsible way.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our integrated management system and adjust it to the current needs in a reasonable extent. The relevance will be reviewed continuously. The system is firmly integrated into our buisness routine. This is how we verify efficiency and respond on findings.
Our policy gives a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives in favor of quality end environment.

This policy is comprehensible communicated to all persons who work for our company and is open to the public.