Multi purpose ships - versatility for special solutions in your offshore project

The former buoy tender Otto Treplin was especially prepared for tasks in course of projecting offshore wind farms. The ship is equipped and the crew is well trained for measurement, control and research journeys, taking soil samples as well as attending any kind of traffic surveillance while projecting and running offshore wind farms.
Along with a high capacity for passengers and a high-speed tenderboat on board, Otto Treplin can also be used as an accommodation vessel.
With its special "boatlanding" system on the bow the high-speed tenderboat is perfectly equipped for safe transfers to wind turbines.

We offer a versatile range of applications.

length 58.80 m
breadth 9.50 m
draft 3.60 m
speed 15 kn
passengers 12 (service personnel)
class GL 100 A5 M E

Otto Treplin at "Borkum West II"

Our vessels are versatile in traffic surveillance, transporting cargo, placing navigational aid and research journeys.